Most 16 year-olds would crack under the pressure of trying to write, record and launch their first full-length studio album. But not Bea Miller; she’s as cool as a cucumber. With lots of TV time and a successful EP under her belt, Miller has her eyes on the prize; putting out great music that deeply connects with her fans.

An outspoken and thoughtful teen, Miller’s album Not An Apology appears perfectly titled.

Surprisingly, she says that the album is not titled after the song “This Is Not An Apology.” In fact, she feels that albums titles named after songs lack creativity. But after some brainstorming with her writers and agreeing that the whole “not apologizing” theme was too good to let go, she realized that by dropping the words “This” and “is” and changing it to Not An Apology, the phrase took on a different meaning and fit the entirety of the album. Got it?

But why the focus on apologies? Miller is keen to speak her mind, always. And she wants all young girls to speak their minds—to not shy away from sharing their feelings. Speaking your mind is

“a healthy thing to do…most of the time,” she tells

Miller thinks it’s something many are afraid to do.

“It’s a good lesson to teach young girls.”

Source: B96 Chicago

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